Dri-Rods are UL Listed

Dri-Rod are UL Listed

control moisture gun vaults safes

Excellent choice for any size safe from small cube or gun safes to large vault rooms to eliminate moisture and circulate warm air.

Control Moisture Boats RVs Campers

Reduce moisture buildup and prevent unpleasant mildew odor in your stored vehicles, boats, RVs, classic cars & even motorcycles.

Control Moisture Basement Garage Closet Pantry Storage

Circulates warm air and eliminates moisture in airplanes, vacation homes, storage units, pantries, closets and other storage areas.

Other Dri-Rod Uses to Control Moisture

Protect your cameras, telescopes, and other expensive equipment. Keep your precious memories and important documents safe-n-dry.

- Choose Dri-Rod Dehumidifier Rods -

Truly the BEST way to ensure that moisture and mildew will not damage or destroy your valuable contents.

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